You can’t go into the Bitcoin investment waters without expert guidance. One challenge encountered by new investors is finding a registered financial professional who can recommend a crypto portfolio that can give a steady ROI despite the bear market.

Should Your Get an RIA to Manage Your Crypto Assets?

There are many options available if you want to invest in Bitcoin as there are different investment platforms and even cryptocurrency apps that will help you get started and manage your investments. However, working with an investment professional who is an SEC-registered Investment Advisor (RIA) will help you tackle your investments as a pro would.

These RIAs have the primary responsibility of providing professional advice and to act in the best interests of their clients. To be a professional or registered investment advisor, you would need to register under the Security and Exchange Commission or the state securities administrators. RIAs are regulated so it is very safe to make transactions with them because they are fiscally obligated for any of their investment recommendations and advice.

The Edge of Working with an RIA

Managing people’s digital cash investments would require someone who is equipped and qualified to be an investment advisor. It helps too that there is a regulating body that keeps everyone’s confidence and sanity in check. Every investment first must require their investment advisors to be registered under SEC, FinCEN, or FINRA. Having that RIA badge definitely gives investment advisors the feather in the cap or the credibility to manage assets.

Both investors and even investment advisors will be protected with the RIA. As the cryptocurrency market grows, it would be very confusing and difficult to determine the right tokens or coins to bet on so working with an RIA will help you increase the odds of winning the cryptocurrency game and make a profitable investment.