While everything is down, it seems that cryptocurrency has been seizing this moment to unlock a Pandora ’s Box of its own – a good one. There has been a decline in the GDP market, which is said to be the sharpest downfall so far.

It’s a very strategic entry for cryptocurrencies even if the market in itself is on the negative. The numbers may not favor credit markets and bonds at the moment but it speaks favorably of the crypto market. It’s not a perfect scenario – but way better.

The Market Turmoil Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Currently, there is a shockwave going through the supply and demand markets. The government and even big companies are totally unprepared for a pandemic – much so with the startups and the small- and medium-scale businesses around.

While fiat money or dollars tumbled, crypto assets are now considered as safety nets by investors. There is a looming panic in the market as even bitcoins were hurriedly sold in March or the first quarter of 2020 but Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, have successfully bounced back. It had only a 10% price drop during that first quarter of 2020 and it’s now gaining traction.

The Golden Opportunity for Cryptocurrencies is NOW!

Seeing the golden opportunity, investors have now begun stacking up on Bitcoins and other major cryptocurrencies. Crypto payments are now making a breakthrough especially with the lockdowns in major cities of the United States and the rest of the world. Customers can now purchase goods using cryptocurrencies online without ever going out. This becomes a financial hedge for both companies and customers that use cryptocurrency payments.

In fact, this is said to be a better alternative now than storing dollars or fiat money. Banks now have restrictions on withdrawals which can hamper purchase power. The crypto environment is now in a very stable infrastructure which means massive cryptocurrency adoption may not be far behind.

Everyone is practically in a struggle or survival mode during this COVID-19 pandemic. Staying at home is absolutely a must. Following the government, orders are necessary to thrive and survive this catastrophic health crisis.

On the other hand, cryptocurrency is built in a framework different from a regular financial platform which has its flaws and discrepancies. This uniqueness is what makes it appeal so much even to the mainstream financial markets.

Yes, amid the destabilization, cryptocurrencies would enable you to rise above the gripping state of economies, playing its own game, and winning it amid this great depression.