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[ANN] [ICO] Bitcademy Football - Decentralizing Sports Market Forever

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    Interesting stats ethereum 2017 vs 2019


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      What are the real STO benefits? It's not ICO anymore: you get access to assets, dividend, voting and as most important, it's all regulated
      Join our revolution today! We are starting in May

      #ICO #STO #bitcoin #btc #blockchain #crypto #alts #ETH


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        Blockchain has more and more use cases and
        is one of them. We have a few challenges ahead but there is a bright future for the technology.
        Join us and create your star!


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          Are you a football fan? If so, your football world is reduced to buy, buy, buy... Buy tickets, buy a paid TV subscription, buy merchandise...

          Do you know how much do "they" earn, earn, earn? 26 bln dollars. This is the revenue European football brought last year.

          We have a solution for you!

          You can be part of the REAL game. Thanks to smart contracts you can directly invest in REAL players and get REAL money back on their performance.

          Join us and find out more. Watch below video and join our site. We want to change football forever.

          #football #sports #blockchain #smartcontracts


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            We know the draw for incoming #ACON 2019 in Egypt. All groups look interesting.
            We might be sending someone from the team to network around in June.
            Fav teams this year Tunisia, Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal
            Underdogs South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, DR Congo


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              Our revolution starts with Sports Tech & Blockchain
              How is the market doing right now? Who are bitcademyfb competitors ⚔ and why we are not afraid at all?

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