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Real way to earn Bitcoin.

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  • Real way to earn Bitcoin.

    I think BitMEX's trading platform is very intuitive and easy to use for those familiar with similar markets. No deposit is required or money is refunded. However, when Bitcoin is removed, the minimum network charge is based on the blockchain load. Therefore, only for banks or mysterious networks. If you are interested in bitmex, my introduction link will also give you 10% of the fee!
    BitMEX will not charge a fee for deposits or withdrawals. However, when withdrawing Bitcoin, the minimum network fee is based on the load on the block chain. Therefore, the only cost is the cost of a bank or encryption network.
    BitMEX provides dual-class contracts to settle only predictions based on a forecast based 0 or 100 contract. Bilateral Agreements Bilateral agreements are a more complex way of putting bet on a particular event. The only binary ranking bets that are currently in use are linked to the next 1MB of the Bichkon Bachen Belt. Binary series contracts without any leverage, 0% producer of production, 0.25% toll fee and 0.25% settlement fee.

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    I've heard about people shorting om Bitmex and making some $. Does it really work?