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[ANN][ICO] TerraGreen – Blockchain Based Renewable Energy Platform

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  • [ANN][ICO] TerraGreen – Blockchain Based Renewable Energy Platform

    Building a Platform for Efficient
    use of Renewable Energy

    [size=16pt]More people now realize the need to embrace energy generations via renewable energy resources.
    However, the current market scenario does not allow the growth of renewable energy industry to take place rapidly,
    mainly due to bottlenecks in the supply, technology and financial sectors. Hence, the TerraGreen Platform envisions to
    mitigate all the bottlenecks and make it simpler and more economical to bring all the parties involved on a common platform.

    Building TerraGreen platform, a blockchain based renewable energy trading platform, will serve to promote and
    assist in creations of renewable energy generating facilities around the world. This is done through linking the biomass
    suppliers, renewable energy technology developers, power producers and investors, through a common medium,
    using TerraGreen platform.

    [color=#77C51E][size=18pt][font=arial]The Terragreen project decided to create their own blockchain, with very different properties than other cryptocurrencies, decoupling the layer from the core blockchain protocol, offering a radical new way to create online markets and programmable transactions that are as following:


    In centralized network group of users are connected through one centeralized Hub,
    where only these users have rights to see all the transaction as well as all other activites perform by users reside in
    same network. In this kind of blockchain only authorized parties can participate in transaction and their transaction
    can be moniterized by authority.


    In Private network only permited users by network's administration can
    perform the transaction.After the verification done by administration transaction would be completed.
    Each user must need to obtain an invitation or permission to join and must be validated by either the
    network administration or by a set of rules put in place by the network administration.
    Private block chain give individual priority to each user on network means if any user wants to put restricion
    of viewing thier data to any other user due to any privacy, thier information would be restricted from those
    user over network.


    In Public network all the user is free to perform all the activities with
    each user and join the network anytime, anywhere. Because of its totally openness nature there is a lack of privacy
    in transaction perform by the users in network.
    Public blockchains can receive and send transactions from anyone & anywhere in the world.
    These can also be audited by anybody.
    Due to many users in this kind of network they required more time, energy and money power to perform all the
    transaction over network.

    Token Creation

    TerraGreen is an open software platform based on blockchain technology
    that enables developers to build and deploy decentralized applications including DIGITAL TOKENS.
    Tokens in the TerraGreen ecosystem can represent any fungible tradeable goods, coins, loyalty points, gold certificates,
    IOUs, etc. Since all tokens implement some basic features in a standard way, this also means that the tokens generated
    from TerraGreen open software platform, will be instantly compatible with the TerraGreen wallet and any other clients or
    contracts that use the same standards.
    TerraGreen token is a unique customized design of protocol standards that define certain rules and standards for issuing
    tokens on TerraGreen’s network.Similar to the fact that there is HTTP protocol for internet, in the same manner TerraGreen
    token too will have a standard protocol for tokens to be issued on TerraGreen i.e. TerraGreen token.To put it in layman terms,
    if you include certain functions in the token’s smart contract, you are TerraGreen token compliant. If you don’t include
    the mandatory functions, you are not TerraGreen token.


    SHA-256 and SHA-512 are the most commonly accepted and used cryptographic hash
    functions computed with 32-bit and 64-bit words, respectively. SHA-384 is truncated versions of SHA-256 and SHA-512 respectively,
    computed with different initial values. We have used SHA-384 algorithm in terragreen blockchain with various security features.
    For the foreseeable future, SHA-384 is good enough for almost any imaginable collision-resistance application. For example,
    if you need the hashes to generate both a 256-bit HMAC key and a 128-bit encryption key, SHA384 is a natural choice. If you
    require much output as possible for the computational cost.

    Utility Program

    Our platform provides users the ability to pay their electricity bills directly from their
    TerraGreen wallet. The platform boasts of immediate transaction times and even allows you to use a combination of crypto and
    fiat currency to pay your bills.
    In present, TerraGreen works on a standard platform which is based on a large-scale update that would give the allowance for the
    usage of more cryptocurrencies in the near future. Currently, users can pay bills with BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, XRP and other such
    crypto currencies. The amount of each transaction will be transferred in real-time to a digital wallet, from where it can automatically
    be converted into any fiat currency or else stored as TGN.


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                          In Terragreen Data is collected, recorded, and reported in UTC time unless otherwise specified.


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                              TerraGreen partners with TOKPIE
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