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[PRE-ANN] - RPG Coin - (RPG) Tokenization of In-Game Assets - POW x21s

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  • [PRE-ANN] - RPG Coin - (RPG) Tokenization of In-Game Assets - POW x21s

    RPG Coin is a Decentralized Platform for the Tokenization of In-game Assets


    Hello Bitcointalk community this is the pre-annoucment thread for RPG coin, we will update the ANN throughout the next few weeks while we run a closed beta of the RPG testnet. Later when ready to list on an exchange we will post the source code, wallets, mining pool, explorer and other important links and updates. RPGcoin is built on a fork of the Ravencoin code. Key changes include a block reward, a change in the number of coins issued, but not the weighted distribution schedule and the addition of asset creation and messaging capabilities. RPGcoin is free and open source. RPGcoin (RPG) can be mined publicly and transparently using Proof of Work (POW) using the x21s algorithm. 50 million (less than 0.24%) from the maximum total supply of 21 billion RPG have been set aside for crowd funding, private investors, public bounties, founders, and developers.

    RPGcoin is a blockchain and platform optimized for indie game developers for transferring in-game assets, such as tokens/currency, virtual real estate, and unique items game items such as armor, weapons or anything game devs can imagine.

    "It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!"
    – The Legend of Zelda

    The RPGcoin wallet provides a single native client to create, issue, track, and transfer game assets.
    As a cryptocurrency RPG provides a market value to game assets providing additional value for developers and players alike.

    RPG Coin Specs:

    Ticker: RPG
    Algorithm: x21s
    RPC Port: 7202
    P2P Port: 7214
    Block Reward: 50 RPG
    Total Max Supply: 21 Billion
    Block Spacing: 60 Seconds
    Difficulty Algorithm: Dark Gravity Wave v3.0
    Block Size: 1MB
    Protocol Support: IPV4, IPV6, TOR, IPFS

    Uses for Game Assets:

    * Collectable items such as rare or unique skins.
    * Power your entire in-game economy.
    * In-game currency and items, transferable out of game to outside marketplaces.
    * Rare or unique items like magic swords, armor, spells or other role-playing game items.
    * Loot boxes for any game type.
    * Virtual real-estate and other player 'ownable' items.

    Some examples of unique tokens:

    * Imagine a game developer issues the asset named ARMOR. The developer can then make unique ARMOR assets by attaching a name or a serialized number to each suit of armor. These unique tokens can be transferred or sold to the player. The tokens ARMOR:Golden and ARMOR:Silver are not fungible and represent distinct pieces of armor. Since Armor:Golden is 100% unique only 1 lucky player will be able to own that item.

    * These in game assets could then be kept, traded with other players via QR codes and wallets or traded with NPC merchants for other items or in-game currency

    Game Assets are issued directly from the RPG wallet using either the gui wallet or cli commands. The game assets represented as tokens exist on the RPG Coin blockchain and are transferable by simply sending the token(s) to a valid RPG address.