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[ANN][ICO][NCR] Neos VR: The First Metaverse Built From Within

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  • [ANN][ICO][NCR] Neos VR: The First Metaverse Built From Within

    The First Metaverse Build From Within

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    What is Neos?

    Neos is an existing virtual reality metaverse that reinvents and generalizes the way social experiences and various virtual creations are built, to let them all coexist in one shared space. The innovative underlying architecture, based on simple, yet powerful building blocks in an expandable future-proof way, is designed to dynamically synchronize complex worlds and behaviors built directly from within Neos.

    With a rapidly growing community, the potential for a rich Neos in-verse economy emerges as a way for content creators and service providers to make a living in Neos, and help it to grow into a vibrant, desirable place: a spatial computing platform of choice.

    Neos Credits [NCR]

    Token sale starts on February 1, 2019 at

    Neos Credits [NCR] will facilitate Neos in-verse economy including Neos Store and Neos Jobs marketplaces. With the upcoming launch of Licence Information Component, NCR will enable trustless in-verse trading.

    The minting process is designed to initially distribute Neos Credits to supporters and early adopters so that they can take part in the in-verse economy and benefit from the eventual success of Neos. Rewarding those who help to develop advanced iterations of the Neos metaverse is our top priority.

    Contract: 0xdb5c3c46e28b53a39c255aa39a411dd64e5fed9c
    Not an sale address, will be provided as token sale starts

    What's next?

    Before token sale starts, we'll introduce in-verse NCR transactions and trading in an update.
    You can join community testing of managed wallets and transactions with fun little KFC test token that is in progress right now.
    It's not sure when all 50 million NCR will be minted, but the sooner you get on board, the better your minting batch NCR-ETH ratio. We'll keep updating this post and our communication in general in the long term as we continue to make Neos and it's NCR token sale more attractive over time.


    Thanks to everyone who helped testing with KFC. We have not found any major issues.
    NCR in-verse transactions now enabled, all set for launch of blockchain services and minting this Friday.

    Get Ready Player One

    Get [s]Oasis[/s] Neos today at

    Realtime screenshot taken in Neos, co-founders on the River Accelerator mountain.