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It is a really useful site. Start with only $ 500 worth of cryptocurrency!

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  • It is a really useful site. Start with only $ 500 worth of cryptocurrency!

    A great opportunity to make money on the most trusted websites. I think this is a really useful site.Start only from $500 valued cryptocurrency! Unlike other wallets, they make money with an automatic arbitrage system called AI Dog.
    • Increase by about 0.3% daily(about 10% monthly interest rate) regardless of the market price of the currency.
    • You get paid DAILY on around 12:00(GMT+8),Profit is received in the currency of PLUS.
    • PLUS can be converted to BTC,XRP,EOS inside of wallet immediately anytime
    • Minimum amount per AI Dog is $500 USD per coin,Maximum amount is $50K USD per account.
    • You can turn off the AI Dog and withdraw your cryptocurrency anytime.

    Profit paid daily and on time.

    6-18% monthly profit of your crypto paid daily on around 12:00 pm (GMT+8), profit comes from arbitrage trading from hundreds of coin exchanges.

    No limit at deposit and withdraw.

    You can convert your earning(plus) to BTC,XRP,EOS immediately and send to any where any time! Generally, it will be arrived in around 5 minutes depends of speed of confirmation from blochchain you can turn off the Al Dog anytime & withdraw your coin to anywhere at same time no wait , no limit at al Note: within 28 days , there is a redemption fee of 5% & 1% after 28 days.

    So you can visit at