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  • KRIPTOMAT (Altcion)

    Buying cryptocurrencies and exchanging them has never been easier. Choose your favourite cryptocurrency and buy it instantly or exchange it back to EUR and withdraw it to your personal bank account.Once you own crypto, you can quickly send it to your friends and family or to anyone else. You only need the recipient’s wallet address. With your crypto wallet up and running, you can receive crypto from anyone who already has a crypto wallet. Just share your wallet address with them.All of our accounts come with SMS authentication out of the box, making your account secure from the start. Our users’ funds are stored offline to prevent unauthorized access. We combine organizational and technical measures together with routine security evaluations and regular monitoring to achieve a secure environment. visit for detail

    To ensure Kriptomat is a safe place for all our users, we need to verify your personal identity before approving your account. The account approval will happen within minutes, so you can start using Kriptomat right away. Your personal data is stored according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).