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Quick 5 step process to start trading altcoins today

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  • Quick 5 step process to start trading altcoins today

    Here is a quick 5 step process to start trading Altcoins today:
    1. Register for account to purchase bitcoin
    2. Purchase a small amount of bitcoin to start trading with
      • After verification, Coinbase will allow a small amount to be purchased with credit card. Go for this option as you can begin instantly.
    3. Create an exchange account
    4. Transfer the Bitcoin to an Exchange Wallet
      • VERY IMPORTANT! Be sure that you choose the correct wallet. BTC is the symbol for bitcoin and TRIPPLE CHECK the address. Transferring coins to the incorrect wallet can lead to loss of funds.
    5. Start Trading!
      • You now will have bitcoins on an exchange with which you can purchase other coins with. Research is key as with any investment so be sure to do your due diligence before investing in a coin.
    Any questions? Ask below.

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    This is very useful, Kelly. Thanks for sharing. Is there a particular Alt coin you'd recommend for beginners?


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      I went into it a bit on this post:

      It really depends on your budget and how long you are willing to hold. If I had to give a straight answer my option would be Ripple (XRP) for a long term position and Shift (SHIFT) for short term. Shift price is low and with the release of their platform called Phantom, it should go up significantly once the product lives up to expectations.


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        Do you think that SHIFT will live up to it's expectations? How do you know when it's not a load and dump situation?