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My mom said: to marry someone who has coins in his hands

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  • My mom said: to marry someone who has coins in his hands

    There is a legend in the coin circle. He is Zhao Changpeng who created the Binance. In 2013, Zhao Changpeng accidentally learned about Bitcoin from a card friend. At that time, the price of Bitcoin was around US$100. With his own technical foundation and commercial sense of smell, he decisively sold the house property in Shanghai to buy bitcoin. Fortunately, Bitcoin has risen more than tenfold, reaching a peak of $20,000 at the end of 2017. Zhao Changpeng’s worth has skyrocketed.

    After selling the house and exchange for Bitcoin, Zhao Changpeng never left the industry. On July 14, 2017, Zhao Changpeng founded and launched the Binance Exchange, which has business throughout Japan, the United States, South Korea, Britain and other markets. In just six months, the transaction volume of Binance ranked first in the world. Zhao Changpeng also turned from a programmer to become the richest chinese in the circle of digital currency, the richest man in China, and entered the top ten of the Forbes digital currency rankings, ranked third.

    Zhao Changpeng’s counterattack has become the look that many mother-in-law hope son-in-law needs to be. The same world, the same mother-in-law: "to marry someone who has coins in his hands, like Zhao Changpeng."
    [IMG]file:///C:%5CUsers%5CADMINI~1%5CAppData%5CLocal%5CTemp%5Ck sohtml%5Cwps2516.tmp.png[/IMG]

    It is undeniable to find the spouse with the coin in hand. The development of the blockchain to drive the coin circle is not to be underestimated, but in 2017 Bitcoin has reached the highest point, and now it is obviously not the time to buy. Every era has the product. The era of bitcoin has ended. Now it is the era of AXC. It is no exaggeration to say that the person who holds the most AXC in the future is the next Zhao Changpeng.

    If bitcoin is blockchain 1.0, then AXC is an asset token based on blockchain 4.0 technology, with the characteristics of decentralization, non-tampering, distributed ledger and so on. Based on Ai's enhanced cross-chain technology architecture, AXC not only overcomes the technical challenges of blockchain 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, but also realize the digitization or programmability of currency, securities and banking business through integrated payment and settlement and UT/ST dual-token issuance based on the new financial business model. AXC technology is far ahead, aiming to promote the world revolutionary process of blockchain transformation and lead the development of the industry.

    Different from the issuance mechanism of Bitcoin’s “mining”, AXC adopts the modes of delivery and purchase. AXC has the role of preventing malicious attacks and exchange media in AtoX. AtoX requires a certain amount of AXC in every account, and each transaction will destroy 1/100000 of AXC, increasing the cost of creating a large number of false accounts for malicious attacks to prevent malicious attacks. In addition, any currency can be exchanged with AXC, it can be an exchange medium between currencies. And AXC uses incentives to ensure the perfect operation of the entire system. All reward transactions and strategy information are recorded in the blockchain, it is open, transparent and traceable. The incentive model ensures that each participant in the system takes what he needs.

    As an asset, AXC token can be used for platform investment in the future, and can also be used for exchange with other trading platforms’ token. Through marketing, institutional cooperation and ecological deployment, AXC continues to expand its application scenarios, allowing 100 million people to hold AXC, and finally realize the full circulation of AXC, so that its market is in a balance between supply and demand, prices are gradually stabilized, in conjunction with the tight destruction mechanism, so as to realize the value of the continuous presentation of the economic model.

    If there are too few rich sons-in-law in this world, you may wish to turn yourself into a rich sons-in-law. The era of AXC has arrived, and seizing an opportunity is bound to be treated favourably.