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Digital asset transaction*is at the time, the Tark Wallet deserves*to own *

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  • Digital asset transaction*is at the time, the Tark Wallet deserves*to own *

    Bitcoin rose sharply in 2017, and many people doubled their wealth overnight. As a result, the digital asset trading is active in the past two years. When we invest in digital assets, we cannot just rely on exchanges to store digital assets. We also need to have our own digital wallet to store our own digital assets. To understand the relevant knowledge of the "blockchain digital wallet" is what we should understand before we invest.
    Before the article begins, share a little joke that I recently saw on the Internet:

    There were a husband and his wife in front of the ATM.
    The wife said to her husband, "I want to enter the password, you go away!" The husband retreated to the side.
    I thought, this woman is very strong, indicating that woman in charge of finance!
    After entering a half of 3-digit password , the wife turned around and said to her husband: "Okay, I entered it, its your turn to enter the rest!"
    Hey, it is a real eye - opener. It turns out that they are mutually restrained and supervised each other~~ High!
    Later, the husband pressed the backspace key three times and then entered the 6-digit password~~ I was totally stunned!
    He is really a master, While the priest climb a post, the devil climb ten.

    We all know that the blockchain is the machine for solving trust. The “blockchain digital wallet” is the bank card of the future world. It is to guard and protect our own property. If the couple use the "blockchain digital wallet", they could rest assured of each other.
    [IMG]file:///C:%5CUsers%5CADMINI~1%5CAppData%5CLocal%5CTemp%5Ck sohtml%5CwpsE59D.tmp.png[/IMG]
    1, A preliminary understanding of "blockchain digital wallet"

    The wallet is essentially a tool. At present, most of the wallets are built into a separate block space belonging to the user in the network, which is decentralized. In the general sense, the bank card is issued by a centralized bank, and the centralized bank manage the assets. Once our password is lost, the bank can help to find the asset through the relevant proof, if our bank card is lost, and other people get the bank card without a password, and they can't take our assets, we can freeze the personal bank card account through the bank, re-apply the new bank card to abolish the old bank card; The wallet is not the same, if you lost the key to open the wallet, no one can help us find the wallet.
    [IMG]file:///C:%5CUsers%5CADMINI~1%5CAppData%5CLocal%5CTemp%5Ck sohtml%5CwpsE59E.tmp.png[/IMG]
    2, The "blockchain wallet" technology

    When using a wallet, everyone must learn more. Because the blockchain is anonymous, real-name authentication is not required for using various wallets. Although you can see the address of the transaction transfer, you do not know who the user of the address is.
    Moreover, the information in the blockchain is irreversible. If you enter the wrong address, you will not be able to get it back. We put the coin in the wallet, where is it placed? Is it in the wallet?

    The decentralized blockchain coin wallet we use is actually just a blockchain software. Your coin is not in the wallet company, nor in your mobile device, the coin is still in the address of the blockchain network. The wallet just shows you the various codes of the blockchain through the server, and establishes a channel to send your various operation commands to the blockchain. Therefore,there is not the case with the blockchain wallet where the bank freezes your account or the company freezes your account. As long as the private key is lost, you can no longer open the wallet and you will lose the coins in your wallet. From this point of view, in fact, the security of the wallet has a lot to do with your private key, because the wallet service provider will not save your private key, it will not be placed on the server; even if there is a problem with the wallet,such as you cannot log in, or version updates, or being hacked and other issues, will not affect your assets. In this case, the private key is actually the most important thing to save the cryptocurrency.
    3, You have to have a wallet before you get into the door of blockchain

    Not mention the risks of various wallets from the view of technical and system, and here we emphasize that everyone must protect the private key of the blockchain. The secret key must not be lost, and don't tell others easily, because it represents the ownership of the wallet and the right to operate it. Unlike the password of the bank card, if you forget it, you can first freeze it and reset it with your ID card. In the world of blockchains, once you lose your private key, the wallet will never belong to you anymore, no central organization can trace it, and there is no law to protect you.

    Digital asset transaction is at the time, the Tark Wallet deserves to own. The Tark wallet consists of two parts: a hardware cold wallet (cold end) and a Tark App (hot end). Tark Cold Wallet can store a variety of blockchain assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum,EOS and WA. The cold-end manages the private key and is mainly responsible for generating private keys, constructing transactions and digital signatures; the hot-end link blockchain network,is mainly responsible for querying balances, broadcasting transactions and monitoring asset dynamics. The hot and cold end uses the two-dimensional code to ensure that the private key never touches the network, completely eradicating the risk of the private key being stolen by the network hacker.

    I'm sure you have had a new understanding of the blockchain digital wallet here. Here I recommend a few reliable platforms for everyone to operate.