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  • Bitmex Trading

    So I have been away from trading for a while since I was focused on some other businesses.

    I lately started with Bitmex and am starting to develop some rules based on the experience gained.

    The major thing are:

    Keep emotions in check
    Dont over Trade
    Weekends are unpredictable
    Dont leverage more than 10x the risk is too great.

    Lots of opportunities to make $ in this volatile market on Bitmex.

    Looking for other strategies/tips from the community.

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    With the swings over the past week there is a lot of money to be made on Bitmex. But be careful, There is also a lot of $ to be lost.

    Use tight stop losses as the markets are currently unpredictable.


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      Almost Forgot,

      Never leave an order running overnight. 3 times in a row suffered losses.


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        Had a short running all day yesterday at 5040. As with the mast three nights hit my stop loss at 5250.

        Above rule at work again


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          At this point it looks like we are consolidating to head to $6200. Lets see how this plays out.

          Have buy orders at 5280 and 5350.


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            Electronic currency exchangers


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              Started a long at 5250 in hopes that we can get to 5900. With the down just losing another 1200 points lets see how bitcoin will react


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                Sold my long from 5250 at 5830. Did not want to get greedy.

                Opened a short from 6150 to see if we will get up to this point.


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                  Just hit my stop loss at $6300.

                  Too much uncertainty in the market right now. I will stay out unless we go up to about 6750 or $5800.


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                    Got in at 6750 and just sold a short at 6240.

                    Could have waited longer but did not want to be greedy


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                      What do you think will happen now? At 6000??


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                        Again Bitcoin shows how indecisive it can be especially on the weekend and overnight.

                        All indications showed a setup for a move up yesterday to about $6550 but was pushed down to under $$6000 last night.

                        I started a long at $6132 with a stop at $5880. My target is $6450 as I was almost sure we would get there by now. Instead, we are sitting right at $6000.

                        Lets see what happens today as I have no idea how this will play out.


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                          Just hit my stop loss at $5800 on Bitmex. Staying out for now. Its been a brutal few days


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                            Caught a short from 6320 to 6210 earlier. Being very carefull right now.


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                              I sign up but dont understand how to tell when going up and going down. Can you explain?