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  • Best Bitcoin Currency Exchanges

    When I first started I wanted to know what the best Bitcoin Currency Exchanges are. Here are my three favorites:

    Bittrex: My favorite right now. Simple to use and they are big on security which is the number one problem these days. Because of the hype and anonymity surrounding cryptocurrencies, hackers are always targeting exchanges. Since I have been using it I have not have a problem.

    Polonex: I really have not used it much as must of the coins I am interested at the moment in are on Bittrex. It is the largest exchange by trade volume but from what I have read they are having some load issues. There are numerous customer complaints regarding requests for transfers not going through and a few outages when the markers were crashing.

    Cryptopia: This was actually the first Exchange that I used and I still use it. There are some nice entry level cryptocurrencies that are listed on this exchange and is perfect for someone just getting started. One of them I mine and hold is HUSH.

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    Good to know, are there any others that any other members would recommend? Is it free to join any of the exchanges?


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      There's also Kraken, but this is a major exchange that primarily trades in BitCoin and Ethereum.

      All are free to join but usually take a percentage of and executed trade.


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        Which ones offer the least percentage fee?


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          I haven't really compared the fees but they are all around the same and very low...around 0.25%


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            I imagine they would all be around the same to stay competitive. That's not a bad cut though..0.25%


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              Digypro They're still a business, they're entitled to turn a profit too.